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Our Bloody Human Suffering :(

You see that daisy?

And just how beautiful it is?

Yes, it's a "beautiful daisy."

But that thing is also:


...which is something completely and utterly inexplicable, beyond thinking and sensing.

OK, sure, we know a lot about it, but that's not the same as knowing what it JUST is. You have to be the creator of that thing to know what it just is.

And they ain't callin' it no "daisy." :)

Or imagine trying to understand an amazing magic trick. We have no idea of the "what it just is."

Hey, you see how I'm getting the cogwheels of your brain to think hard about that daisy? Well, "what it just is" has literally nothing to do with that teeny, tiny, thinking process.

"What it just is" is underneath somewhere.

Yes, that daisy has some inexplicable exactness to it. And so does literally everything in the universe. And this, my fellow human, is not the version of the universe we experience. Instead, we experience "what we think and sense everything is."

Now, can you see just how minuscule that version of the universe is? Comparitively speaking?

Right, UTTERLY TINY. And we're all stuck with it. Birth to death, no one ever has any goddamn idea WHAT ANYTHING JUST IS.

So we go along in life with this tiny version of things, and we get used to it... locked into it... BORED by it... because we simply cannot see around it... We cannot THINK or SENSE our way around it.

And that's... why... meditation.

And why it's such a huge discovery.

Meditation gets underneath what we identify and think and sense everything is, to an actual experience of "what it just is"... what that "daisy" just is... what that "groundhog" just is... what your "daughter" just is...

OK, not precisely what those things just are, no. Even though it does feel like that.

The experience is simply "what we just are." And yes, as it turns out, that version of us, comparitively speaking, is NOT EVEN CLOSE to "what we think and sense we are."

It's worth repeating, if not SHOUTING, because it's SO elusive: "What we just are" is not even remotely close to this tiny, little "what we think and sense we are" version.


We are magic.

And here's the biggest reason why...

THOUGHT - what it just is.


Hey, take a moment, if you would, and just notice that you have thought. (Actually stop reading and just take a look at it for a few seconds.)

OK, that thought you just witnessed is utterly mind-boggling, out of this world, inexplicable, fill in any other word here that also CAN'T EVEN COME REMOTELY CLOSE TO WHAT IT JUST IS.

Now, if we could only experience what our thought just is, huh?

Not the content of what it's thinking, or even what it has EVER calculated. None of that.

What our thought... just... is.



And guess what? That exercise you did above is actually a little micro-example of meditation... because you stopped, noticed your consciousness, and that made you sense at least a little bit of its magic, if just a smidge, because it is indeed magic... Meditation is basically just doing what you did, but you keep going and going as more and more of the magic of our consciousness is revealed... until we finally experience what it just is.

And indeed, what we just are... underneath.

And no, I'm not saying it comes easily. Not for me, anyway.

But every meditation is an interaction with it, yes... an interaction with what our thought literally just is... Again, not the content of it... just whatever it is that's WAAAAAY beyond reach of our understanding...

Friend, you are "what you just are" underneath, and indeed always have been.

And that's why you're magic.

Now just keep watching your body and thoughts, and let your personal "what it just is" reveal itself to you. It will blow your mind.


OK, I do need to add something important here:

If you actually experience a shift in your identity, like you took a powerful drug, and it's frightening to your ego... remember that you can easily get back to being the "you" you've always known and loved by thinking and sensing again. Think about your body, wiggle your toes, take a walk, fill up your physical senses with stuff - sights, sounds, smells, taste, touch. You'll come back. Don't freak out.

Of course, the other thing is that if you are, in fact, not actually coming back, as in physically, I find it comforting to know that there is a "what we just are" that's underneath there. (I really should say "underneath here" right? It's not outside me, it's inside me.) Our consciousness is simply mind-bending. It's not actually physical, you know? Consciousness alone? I mean, you can have wild dreams, and study and have "out-of-body experiences." Some people have had a lot of them. I actually had one once, many years ago. It was utterly insane. It was like being in a hologram. It was a "dream," but there was nothing dream-like about it. I was awake. It felt completely real, even more vivid than real life, and also, (and this is the kicker), FAMILIAR, like I had been there before, like I was actually in the home of my mind, if that makes sense. It lasted about 20 seconds. And, frankly, it's pretty boring to listen to me talk about because all I did was move around inside my "living room." But I knew it was a projection of my living room and also of my body. I just kept saying, "Oh my god, this is real," and looking down and touching my "arms" that I instinctively knew weren't my actual arms. And when I finally "woke up" from the nap I had been taking that brought this on, there was literally no change in my mental state. I just kept on thinking the same way I had been thinking for those previous 20 seconds. There was no feeling of waking up from a dream. NONE. I was "moving" around my holographic living room (by actually just thinking my way around it, which was crazy), then I somehow found myself lying there awake inside my sleeping body, paralyzed and unable to move it, and then slowly felt my body wake up one section at a time, and then I just opened my eyes and physically got up out of bed like I normally do. I mean, woh, whatever that was, I can say FOR SURE that the mind, our consciousness, is truly, truly more than we can possibly ever understand, and literally MIRACULOUS BEYOND MEASURE. So, again, that's why meditation can be so powerful. Because it's about our jaw-dropping consciousness. And it's exactly the flipside of the mindset that we're typically used to. It's the underneath. So you have to meditate to get there, or to be there, rather.

Anyway, friends, this all proves nothing. And it's also not what's most important in life, of course. Love is. Love's the answer, right? ...because it's the simplest thing to understand and do, it's all of us being "what we just are" underneath, and the results are simply fabulous. It's good for health, creativity, community, growth, the Earth... All of that and so much more.

Hey, science is awesome, fascinating, and everything... but it will only ever take us so far, no matter how far we look into the future. It will never, ever bring us all the way to



Consciousness is, indeed, the next frontier for humanity.

And I actually believe there are probably other intelligent species in our universe that are much further along in this area than we are. Wow. And have also developed technologies we can't even remotely imagine... like, say, a Neanderthal trying to imagine some technology that's 40,000 years into Earth's future... like an iPhone... or the International Space Station... They didn't even know what clouds were, let alone space. And now that we do, or think we do, we're smart? No, humans are still an extremely primitive species... and we may actually blow ourselves up if we don't collectively begin to explore consciousness and see around the tiny "ego." The good news, though, is that it's happening more now.

OK, but before I lose half of you, I'm out. :)


And music!